Fund a project

  • COVID 19 relief support globally.
  • Self-Support Projects.
  • Orphanage and old age home construction.
  • Educate a child
  • Free Health check up camps.
  • Food and Shelter for stray animals.
  • Tree Plantation
  • Empower a girl child, free Martial Arts / self defense Classes
  • Mobile School
  • Gift for Christmas & New Year

Our ongoing and upcoming projects

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COVID 19 relief support globally.

The global pandemic COVID 19 has deeply affected the lives of many. While some are recovering, a few need your help today to thrive. We at UNWF along with our volunteers and partners are teaming up to fight this global pandemic together. Contribute your bit to the noble cause.

Self-Support Projects.

Self-Support projects are designed to help those in desperate poverty generate a self-supporting income to provide for their children and/or community.

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Orphanage and old age home construction.

To nourish oneself, the most important ingredient is to feel safe, and nothing can be more safe then home. With a little help from you, we can assemble up things to build a home for the orphans and old people.

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Educate a child (Help us to provide Scholarship).

Education is the only weapon that can be used to eradicate poverty. With higher education comes higher education cost. Based on the performance and field of interest, we help to provide them with scholarships for their education. Make a future bright, contribute your part.

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Free Health check up camps.

A good health is the biggest wealth of a human being, to maintain this wealth we organize timely free health check up camps for the underprivileged. Support us to keep the momentum going.

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Food and Shelter for stray animals.

We can see thousands of stray animals suffering in front of us. UNWF wishes to build shelter homes in various regions to minimize the suffering of various animals and serve them better. Our entire team is dedicated to provide food and health treatment to animals as well. Help us to feed more and to built shelter homes.

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Tree Plantation (He a green Hero).

We can never thank a tree enough for its contribution. Rather than thanking, we have started planting tree globally with help of our team. Donate for a sapling and be a hero of your environment.


Empower a girl child, free Martial Arts / self defense Classes

Crime against women is the most uncivilized truth in our civilized society. To minimize the same, we are making our younger generation to defend themselves both physically and mentally. Donate for training of a girl child.

Mobile School

School at your doorstep for all underprivileged Students. Is school too far from your home? Or you are unable to reach school due to a lack of communication means. We have taken the initiative of Mobile School, where the school will reach you at your locality. Our trained volunteers will be moving to your locality with a well-equipped classroom to educate and make learning easy and fun. Support the cause, help us make education available to all.

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Gift for Christmas & New Year
(Be Santa for an orphan).

Help us buy a gift for one of the orphan child. Be the hope for them this Christmas.