1. The UNWF does not hold liability for any unethical practice done by you.
  2. That UNWF holds the right to terminate you at any time without giving prior notice to you if found guilty of unethical practice.
  3. That an I-Card is issued by the organization after becoming a Member or Officer. That I-Card is a property of the UNWF. Either if you get terminate or voluntarily resigns, you will not be furthermore entitled to use that I-Card.
  4. That you will not get any of your donations refund, either if you get terminate or voluntarily resigns.
  5. That the organization will not be used for any criminal activity or other illegal purposes, whether fiscal or otherwise, in any jurisdiction and I, understand that you may have an obligation to report any arrangement involving the proceeds of criminal conduct.
  6. That I have never been convicted of any criminal offense (other than a minor motoring offense) nor have I ever been declared bankrupt or the subject of an investigation by a governmental, professional or other regulatory or statutory body. If any please Specify in the given column or write to us.
  7. All disputes arising out of or in any way connected with this Organization shall be deemed to have arisen at Santa Clara, California, USA being its Corporate Office and only courts in there shall have jurisdiction to determine the same.