Success of Blood donation camp

There is a hope of life to someone in your blood donation. A Blood Donation Camp was organized by the United Nation Welfare Foundation in the presence of Adv Dr. Priyanka Arora (President). This blood donation camp was organised with the help of Ch. Sohanlal and Santosh Charitable Trust and Rotary Blood Bank. This Blood Donation Camp organized on 6th of June, 2021, at Chacchi Building, Block D, Krishna Nagar, Delhi, India. Where every Donor was rewarded by the Medal and Certificate and also a Card of Blood Donation, which stays valid for one year. If require in urgency, Donor may use that card to get blood, free of cost from the Rotary Blood Bank. Mr. Sunil Gupta (President-Self Support-UNWF) was presented there and Mr. Rahul Arora (Vice President-Self Support-UNWF) donated his blood for the welfare of the needy patient. Mr Siddhant Singh – Instructor-Martial Arts-UNWF also presented there and supported this blood bank activity. I heartily thanks to the team of Ch. Sohanlal and Santosh Charitable Trust and Rotary Blood Bank and the team of UNWF and all the donors for their kind support. Special thanks to Delhi Police at Krishna Nagar Police Station who supported us from starting till end.
Excuses never save a life, Blood donation does. Please take a stand to donate blood and to save someone’s life. Blood Donation Camp 2021.

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