United Nation Welfare Foundation has helped to Ms. Sunita Kashyap, power and strength lifting athlete who known as Golden Girl

United Nation Welfare Foundation has helped to Ms. Sunita Kashyap, power and strength lifting athlete who known as Golden Girl and struggled as domestic helper to earn her livelihood.
The State President namely Mr. Rajeev Kumar (Haryana State President – Self Support) and team of Haryana, went to meet and to help Ms. Sunita Kashyap at her home located in Sisar Khas Village of Rohtak District, Haryana, India under supervision of Adv Dr. Priyanka Arora (President), Mr. Sunil Gupta (National President – Self Support) and Mr. Rahul Arora (National Vice President – Self Support). Team of UNWF gave her Track Suit, Sport Shoes, Five Kilogram (5 KG) Desi Ghee etc., and motivated and supported her.
Sunita Kashyap is an International Player and has won Gold Medal for her Country India. She has won various national and international medals in strength lifting. Sunita Kashyap who known as Golden Girl, struggled as domestic helper to earn her livelihood.
And due to lockdown she was unable to get proper employment and her living condition become more miserable. Neither she could earn much to get proper diet and nor get much time to continue practice to fulfill her further dreams.
Sunita’s family is financially weaker as they do not have proper couple of meals a day. Mostly Sunita lives on a diet of ‘roti’ and ‘mirchi’ (chapatis and green chillies) and works hard to maintain her fitness and strength. She has been using branches of trees and bricks to practice her sport.
While talking to our team she told that her father is a laborer and mother works as domestic helper. Sunita assist her mother whenever she gets assignments of cooking food at local ceremonies and get-togethers. She also do household works and serve debilitated elders of affluent families at village for her livelihood.
But still they have a great strength to allow her to participate in various games at national and international level. Her family have shown spirit of motivation to grow Girl Child which is itself a great example of her achievements and also sets a best example for our society.
Sunita won the gold medal in the World Championship. She has also bagged the gold medal in the National Strength-lifting Championship-2019 organised in Chhattisgarh and silver medal in the National Strength-lifting Championship-2021 in West Bengal.
Sunita’s parents Jamuna Devi and Ishwar Singh, who work as daily-wagers, have taken loans from private moneylenders for her training and her travels to participate in sporting events. Her father Ishwar Singh said that he had to take a loan of Rupees One and half lakh (Rs.1,50,000/-) on heavy rate of interest from a private moneylender to send her to Bangkok for the World Strength-lifting Championship in 2020. And still he is working hard to repay the loan. Her parent are unable to give financially support to achieve her goals and to enlighten the name of our country India world wide.
We the team of UNWF requests all of you to help and support her towards fulfill her desires and also support for her to get proper training and regular healthy diet.
UNWF, June 19th, 2021.
Adv. Dr. Priyanka Arora

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